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Meet John Reitzel

Born in Columbia PA, a small town, rich in history, located on the banks of the Susquehanna river.  After serving in US Air Force, John returned to his hometown and began his 35 year career in a world class printing company, where he was responsible for adjusting and approving the color of high quality catalogs and magazines.  
John’s passion for photography began when he was preparing for a trip to the west coast.  Wanting to get some good pictures to remember the trip, he bought his first camera.  To get some practice using the camera, he started going to some local attractions, and quickly realized how much natural beauty there is in the Susquehanna river valley.  The diverse mixture of historical architecture, wildlife, and natural beauty provides endless possibilities for photographs.
John began sharing his photos on a local Facebook page, and began getting requests for prints.  This brought into play one of John’s other passions, woodworking.  He began making handcrafted, wooden frames to compliment the photos.  Each frame is unique, and is crafted to enhance to photograph.
Some of the more popular framed copies are displayed and available for purchase at Murphy’s Mercantile in Columbia PA. 



I take an honest and fair approach to everything I do.


I approach every project with the same expectations that I would if I was doing it for myself.


I respect the subjects I photograph, and try to highlight their natural beauty.

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